eProceedings of International Conference on Creative Industries - 2015

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  1. DESIGN: The Most Creative Human Power
    Prof. Yukari Nagai, Ph.D
  2. Creativity in the Smart City
    Prof Dr. Mettina Veenstra
  3. Influence Dutch Colonial to Nobility Bugis House in Soppeng South Sulawesi Indonesia
    Andi Abidah
  4. Cultural Heritage Mediators : A Creative Approach in Historical Cities of Southern Brazil
    Douglas Emerson Deicke Heidtmann Junior, Ana Claudia Chiarello
  5. The Kitchen Stage Activities: Reflecting Collaboration and Mobilization of Cultural Resources  
    Prananda Luffiansyah Malasan
  6. Typology of Traditional Mosque in Palembang, Case Study : Old Mosques In The City of Palembang, South Sumatra 
    Rangga Firmansyah and Irwan Sudarisman
  7. Bandung City Districts as Cultural Landscape: Questions of Relevance 
    Ratri Wulandari
  8. Structural Analysis of Primordial Cultural Pattern (Pattern of Three) at Sambara and Nasi Bancakan Sundanese Restaurant in Bandung 
    Santi Salayanti,Fajarsani Retno Palupi and Imtihan Hanom
  9. The Contribution of Parks? Facilities to Social Interactions in the Clusters at Kota Baru Parahyangan 
    Setiamurti Rahardjo and Andreas Handoyo
  10. People Activity and Layout Analysis in Main Lobby of Movie Theater, Case Study: Cinema XXI Ciwalk 
    Titihan Sarihati and Rizka Rachmawati
  11. Trans Studio Bandung Grand Mosque as a District Landmark 
    Tri Wahyu Handayani
  12. Puppetry Performing Art Role in Mental Development of the Indonesian in the Era of Globalization
    Didit Endriawan and Donny Trihanondo
  13. Herbochi, Research Emotional of the Glass.
    Desie Suci Permata Sari, Oky Cahyanto, Mutia Puspita Sari and Alvianty Novitasari
  14. Indonesian Community Understanding on Sustainable Design Concept Critical Analysis Regarding Sustainable Design Development in Indonesia
    Terbit Setya, Dandi Yunidar and Asep Sufyan
  15. On Users Experience and Knowledge: Understanding Female Consumers Intimate Apparel Product Preference 
    Faradillah Nursari
  16. The Rise of Sole-Proprietor Makers in Indonesia Urban Cities 
    Aulia Ardista Wiradarmo
  17. Characteristic of Batik Tulis Gedhog of Kerek Subdistrict, TubanRegency, East Java, As the Community?s Batik
    Fajar Ciptandi, Agus Sachari and Achmad Haldani
  18. The Role of Fashion Industry in Bandung Creative Industry Subsector 
    Rika Nugraha
  19. Exploration of MelimarTechnique on South Sumatran Woven Fabric 
    Ririn Gusriya, Citra Puspitasari and Morinta Rosandini
  20. Processing Plastic for Fashion Accessories with Hot Textile Technique 
    Widia Nur Utami Bastaman and Eka Arifianty Puspita
  21. Communication Strategy of Batik Cimahi Brand. 
    Arry Mustikawan and Larry Julianto
  22. Applying Strategic Design to Build Brand Value and Corporate Innovation.
    Bijaksana Prabawa and Wirania Swasty
  23. Ideology Content and Expression of Kujang Symbol in Jasad Band CD Cover Design 
    Novian Denny Nugraha, Lingga Agung, and Riky Azhari Siswanto
  24. Urban Eatery on Wheel; Food Truck 
    Gredi Gradana Sembada and Farah Oktafani
  25. Local Wisdom in Economic and Social System of Bugis-WajoWeaver Community 
    Muhammad Syukur
  26. Free Pitching Effects on The Designers' Marketing Decision 
    Mulyawati Moeliono
  27. Analysis Structure and Appearance Forms of Advertising As Cause Viewers refused Pop Up Ads, Case Study Semen Merah Putih Ads On Detik.com
    Ilham Syah
  28. Immortality Myth in Permanent Marker Bic Advertising
    Mohamad Tohir, Anggar Erdhina and Atria Fadilla
  29. Body and Lifestyle as an Advertising Strategy  
    Mohamad Tohir and Didit Widiatmoko Suwardikun
  30. The Shifting of Cowboy Nuance in Billboard of Marlboro Advertisement of Be>Marlboro Edition
    Syarip Graphic, Sri Nurbani and Riky Siswanto
  31. Craft Culture & Tourism: Scopes of improvement and promotion 
    Umme Hani and Utpal Barua
  32. Transmutative Visual Culture of Folk Festivals : A study and exploration of 'Magh Bihu'
    Anusmita Das and Utpal Barua
  33. Bima Satria Garuda, A New Face of Indonesian Superhero Character. 
    Dimas Krisna Aditya
  34. Visual Islamic Mysticsm(Sufism) on Semar Wayang Golek Giri Harja 3
    Lingga Agung, Iman Sumargono and Novian Denny Nugraha
  35. The Influence of Popular Culture on Astrajingga Costume Creativity 
    Teddy Hendiawan and Aris Rahmansyah
  36. Character Transformation Of Cepot 
    Zaini Ramdhan and Yayat Sudaryat
  37. Virtual Reality Technology in Indonesian Tourism. 
    Andreas Rio and Ananda Risya
  38. The Paradoxical and Cultural Value Relativity Representation of The Figures of Indie Film „Tanda Tanya (?) 
    Riksa Belasunda
  39. Faming Adaptation on Rectoverso Movie (Untold Love). 
    Teddy  Hendiawan and Yelly Andriani Barlian
  40. Photography Ethics of Amateur Photographers 
    Siti Desintha, Yelly Andriani Barlian and Ira Wirasari
  41. Indonesian Cultural Identity on Android Games  
    Dicky Hidayat
  42. 3D Based Game Design Entitled the Adventure of Chandramawa  
    I Made Marthana Yusa and I Putu Yuda Wirawan
  43. Design of Educational Game About Tourism of Bandung for Elementary Students
    Rizki Yantami Arumsari and Maria Apsari Sugiat

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