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Factors Influence Employee Happpiness on Bank BTN SDP Program Branch Jakarta Harmoni

ABSTRACT Reciprocation of an industry highly supported by the role of the employee. In building employees productive, healthy and quality, hence the need for good management, especially with regard to the problem of happiness. The existence of this problem is feared may adversely affect employee performance SDP program that can lead to a decrease in the performance of employees who are not happy. This problem can be determined by conducting a preliminary study of eight employees who bears the SDP program BTN bank branch in Jakarta Harmoni. This interview is expected to produce a temporary factor which indicates that a lack of employee happiness in the SDP program BTN bank branch Jakarta Harmoni. The purpose of the authors conducted this study to determine and analyze what factors favor happiness for employees in the SDP program at Bank BTN Branch Jakarta Harmoni using factor analysis. This type of research is descriptive and quantitative, population in this study were employees of the SDP program totaling 66 people at Bank BTN Branch Jakarta Harmoni, so the total employees at Bank BTN SDP Jakarta Branch Harmony is 66 people. After the questionnaires distributed, questionnaires were returned to the author only amounted to 51 people. The technique used in this study is nonprobability sampling techniques with incidental sampling type, Research shows the amount contributed five factors formed is 65.453% means that these five factors as a whole can answer 65.453% of the research problem, which means the five factors will support the happiness for employees in the SDP program at Bank BTN Branch Jakarta Harmoni. The remaining amount of 34.547% is not described in this study because they did not contribute.

Keywords: Human Resources, Factor Analysis,Employee Happiness

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