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658 - General management, General business management, General industrial Management


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Operation Management

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This research was conducted to analyze the efficiency of “Time contract’s accomplishment” owned by PT Hariff where main job is installing rectifier unit, by comparing completion of project’s schedule which originally using a “Time plan” method versus using PERT methods. The first aim is to find out how conformity the “Time plan” method to control completion of the contract during completion of the project. In the study which became a staple of discussion was comparing the method of the time plan which has been adopted by PT Hariff, PERT. PERT is a calculation is made to assist the manager to perform scheduling, monitoring and control of large projects and with complexity using 3 estimated time those are optimistic, realistic and pessimistic. The research method used is the analysis method that is applied research conducted to solve specific problems that are being experienced by the company. As well as a descriptive quantitative which technical research that does not make the comparison of variables with other variables in the sample. The results obtained by the calculation of the time contract is recalculated using PERT methods, produces a small calculation where probability of project completion, although the number of contacts to be more closer to yhe number of days of project completion. In addition to implementation of this PERT methods is leading company having an easier control to the progress of the project, and to be more aware of activity in term of critical path, which should be on a high particular concern. Key words: analysis Project Scheduling, project management, PERT

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Penyunting Retno Setyorini, ST., MM


Nama Universitas Telkom, Ilmu Administrasi Bisnis
Tahun 2014


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