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658.403 8 - Information management, Gathering of information by management for use in managerial decision making, Information resources, Knowledge management


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Business Planning, Big Data,

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If you’re a sentient human these days, you’ve heard people talking of the phenomenal riches promised by the power of big data. Over the past decade or so, the world around us has undergone a staggering transformation, and great things have been promised to anyone able to ride the AI wave. But how exactly do you catch that wave? What does all this mean for you, whether you’re an investor choosing among thousands of possible investments, a manager deciding where to allocate your capital, or a student wondering how to ensure there’s good work out there for you by the time you graduate?The Business of Big Data will show you how to think strategically about the economic impacts of AI, how to complement AI instead of competing against it, how to reap the rewards of the AI revolution, and how to find your place in our brave new data-driven world. Along the way you’ll find out how AI is like (and unlike) an ox, why your bank cares how fast you fill in a form, why your car insurer judges you by your email address, and why everything you do is data — from what time you first check your phone in the morning to where you sleep at night.

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Nama Martin Schmalz, Uri Bram
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Nama Capara Books
Kota New York
Tahun 2019


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