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658.827 - Use of brands and trademarks, Business names, Producer and distributor brands


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When you give meaning to your own name, it secures your professional longevity. If you don’t do the work to communicate your value, other people will happily make up their own version of your story—or worse, forget about you. When your personal brand is strong, your name is dropped in rooms you’re not in and opportunities open up to you first. In a world where we communicate nonstop, learning how to market yourself—and articulating the message you want to send— are paramount to success.

Aliza Licht, a former fashion executive who parlayed her communications expertise into a multimedia consultancy, shares insider tips from her experiences and advice from renowned contributors to give you a step-by-step game plan for building a brand: the brand of you. This book is for the recent graduate seeking their first job, the middle manager looking to level up, the executive who wants to be considered a thought leader, the entrepreneur building from scratch, the person who wants to pivot to a new career, the influencer who is their own brand. . . it’s for anyone looking to make a name for themself and feel proud when they hear the words “that’s so on brand for you.”

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Nama Aliza Licht
Jenis Perorangan


Nama Union Square
Kota New York
Tahun 2023


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