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621.31 - Electrical Engineering


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Electrical Engineering

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To obtain the full value from instrumentation, users require familiarity with a number of basic concepts and an understanding of how those building blocks relate to one another. In this book, Nihal Kularatna provides an introduction to the main families of instruments for students and professionals who have to carry out practical work in electronics and measurement. For each family he covers internal design, use and applications, highlighting their advantages and limitations from a practical application viewpoint.

Written in a simple, lucid and readable style, the book does not assume detailed knowledge but will give the reader an appropriate understanding of how to use instrumentation validly in its defined context. The book reviews the state-of-the art and extends the range of instruments to encompass digital families. The author also examines conventional and arbitrary waveform generators, spectrum analysis, logic analysers, instrument buses and VLSI testing, DSL/SDH/PDH and general transmission measurements, DSPs and the latest sensors.

This book will be of interest to professional electrical and electronic engineers and students, especially those working on design and test, but any who make use of instruments and instrumentation systems.

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Nama Nihal Kularatna
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Nama The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Kota New York
Tahun 2002


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